Why cotton bras are better?


Cotton is renowned for its luxurious and comfortable sensation against the skin which rarely causes any itchiness. This makes it an optimal choice for individuals with sensitive skin, especially for intimate garments like underwear.

At Enchantress, we recognize the significance of comfort, striving to deliver the utmost satisfaction to every woman. So we have come up with high quality cotton intimate wear which is more than just lingerie.

Bras made of cotton-rich fabric, which combines cotton with other materials like spandex or elastane, offer a blend of the natural qualities of cotton with additional features. Here are some advantages of bras made of cotton-rich fabric compared to other types of bras:

Comfort: Cotton-rich bras provide the comfort associated with cotton while incorporating stretchy materials like spandex for added flexibility. This combination ensures a snug fit and ease of movement.

Breathability: Cotton-rich fabrics maintain the breathability of pure cotton, allowing air circulation. The addition of stretchy fibers helps prevent the fabric from feeling too restrictive.



Softness: Cotton is known for its softness against the skin. Bras made of cotton-rich fabric provide a gentle and comfortable feel, making them suitable for everyday wear. Elegant Concealer bra is our best selling bra with softness of cotton: https://theenchantress.ca/products/elegant


Moisture absorption: Cotton is absorbent and can help wick away moisture from the body. This can be particularly beneficial in preventing discomfort caused by sweat during physical activities. Active bra is a sports bra style which offers you comfort of cotton and style for workout: https://theenchantress.ca/products/active


Durability: The combination of cotton with synthetic fibers like spandex enhances the durability of the fabric. This makes cotton-rich bras more resistant to wear and tear, maintaining their shape and elasticity over time.

Versatility: Cotton-rich bras come in various styles and designs, offering versatility for different preferences. Whether it's a sports bra, bralette, or an underwire design, there are options to suit various needs. Everyday Essential bra is one of our favorite designs:   https://theenchantress.ca/products/everydayessential


Easy care: Cotton-rich bras are generally easy to care for and can often be machine-washed. This convenience can be a practical advantage for those who prefer low-maintenance clothing.

Stretch and support: The addition of spandex or elastane provides stretch to the fabric, offering better support and shaping. This makes cotton-rich bras suitable for activities that require more support, such as workouts or long periods of wear.

Affordability: Cotton-rich bras are often more affordable than bras made from specialized or high-performance fabrics. This makes them accessible to a broader range of consumers.

At Enchantress we provide premium cotton blend bras which soft, comfortable with timeless and simple design.

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